Big News!

In the last post I alluded to segmenting my life into blocks of time that signify big events. Time for another one: my husband and I are going on a sabbatical!

We’ve left our jobs and plan to travel over the course of the next year. We had been thinking about the idea for a while, but naturally given the COVID situation, we put it on the backburner. We remained frugal and continued to save for the opportunity just the same.

Finally this summer the global travel situation seemed to reach a point where we thought it was worth the risk. Why else would we leave our jobs, friends and family that we love? Ultimately we’re just hoping that countries continue to stay open and are enjoyable to travel to. Our backup plan is the US. It’s a massive country that would take a lifetime to explore, and we can always come back to it.

Either way, it’s kind of an experiment and one that may be worth documenting – thus the blog. Traveling when the world is not quite back to normal will be interesting (is that the right word?) to say the least. At the same time we may get lucky by there being fewer tourists.

This will also be a different trip for us compared to our past travels as we will have the time to explore more leisurely. So what’s the plan? Well, given countries are still reacting to COVID, we’ll need to be flexible. You’ll just have to continue to follow my blog to see where we go, but the first stop is Spain!

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