How To Begin

Today is June 23rd, 2016 and it just so happens today is my half birthday and I just so happen to be 23. That’s pretty cool. And yes, I did kinda sorta plan this 😉

I’ve decided to write because there are many wonderful things I would like to share and also many things I would like to learn. So this blog is meant to create an open dialog about life, habits, goals, successes, and topics as far as the imagination can reach. I will outline my life tips as I publish new posts and I hope to spark some inspiration in my readers to take my tips and run with them and to share with me any related tips so that I can write follow-ups.

If this sounds vague, great! That may keep you coming back for some more reading 😀

So, the topic for today is how to begin.

Starting anything (particularly things that will require dedication, grit, creativity, and time) is always made easier with scheduling and brainstorming. In fact, when thinking about writing this blog I began to brainstorm topics that I will cover in the following weeks and I wrote them down. Allowing yourself a half an hour or an hour to plan makes future decisions remarkably easier.

“…Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

You are always allowed to change those plans but you can never see how far you’ve come until you’ve written them down in the first place. Hey, you could be saying, “of course, everyone knows this” and yet, why aren’t people raving about their lists of great ideas?? Once I have a list of ideas it’s almost impossible to not get excited about it because the possibilities seem endless and obtainable. So I figure most people are not writing lists because when I talk about my own, I’ve yet to meet someone who told me about theirs…except my husband. He is the KING of lists.

So to begin something, start by writing down the ideas. I do this on a Word document that I share with my husband because I believe accountability is another factor for success. Tell people you are going to begin something and you will do it. No one wants to have the upset feeling in their stomach for letting someone down, let alone themselves. That is motivation along with the motivation of future success! Humans love to celebrate successes and our happiness is remarkably interconnected with each other’s success so you’re not only doing yourself a favor by starting that degree you always wanted, or that exercise regiment or that language you always wanted to learn. You are also allowing others to celebrate with you and be happy.

For these reasons and many more I challenge you to plan out that ‘thing’ you always wanted to do. Write out the game plan and share it with someone you love. Planning goals and a path to obtain them are surefire ways to feeling accomplished. You will look back at your life and not only remember better what you achieved but how you achieved it and your example will inspire others. Be sure to share anything you have wanted to start and I will game plan with you! Trust me, it’s fun!

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