Oahu, USA

After visiting the Big Island for a couple days we hopped over to Oahu where our friends live (we are extremely lucky to have friends here!).

These guys know exactly the way we like to travel so we got to see a ton of incredible nature spots that we would not have found otherwise. We spent a few days in Oahu, then to Kauai for a couple more, and then back to Oahu again before heading to the mainland. For sake of island completeness, I’ll combine all of Oahu’s adventures together in this post.

It was raining like crazy when we first arrived so we quickly visited Lanai Lookout and caught up with an old couchsurfing friend who we had hosted in Barcelona over 5 years ago!

The next day we went to Shark’s Cove to look at some tide pools before we went on the Crouching Lion Hike. This hike overlooks a bay for some pretty okay views.

From here we made a quick stop to see some turtles.

And the following day we went diving at Shark’s Cove and got lucky enough to swim with them 🙂

We did a pillbox hike after that. Pillboxes are scattered around Hawaii and were used as observation points/military bunkers during WWII. Because of their strategic locations, each one has decent enough views.

We finished out the day by visiting Lanai Lookout once more, but this time in perfect weather.

Chronologically, we visited Kauai after this, but that’ll be next post. Anyways, upon our return we did another dive to swim with dolphins at Waimea Bay!

That afternoon we hiked to Ka’ena Point. It was a pretty hot day with full sun exposure so in hindsight we should have done this one earlier in the day.

Finally, for our last day in Hawaii we went to Chinaman’s Hat and paddled our way over there. We did the tiny hike to the top (fixed line rope to secure yourself on the class 4 climb).

Best way to say goodbye to such remarkable little islands in the middle of the Pacific.

Summary of Kauai is next!

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